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Cloud Advisory Services

Practices outlined to monitor users with virtually any cloud-centric decision, technology, or implementation, at any point in the cloud transformation journey. These services are associated along: envision, design, build, transform and innovation.

Can all enterprise resources be successfully migrated to cloud?

To create most of Cloud technologies, enterprises need to closely study which of their applications and services can benefit through migration and which are better suited for on premise.

Unique of its League, Affluent’s Cloud Advisory Services enables users to identify appropriate opportunities to leverage Cloud computing services for sustainable business Outcomes.

With Handpicked domain experts by our side, we help clients to develop a complete Cloud computing strategy and a detailed roadmap for enterprise wide implementation.

A highly focused proven operational approach is used to establish the business needs. Thus, leading to a roadmap that delivers best outputs on time, with scalability and agility.

Our Approach:

We’ve simplified our cloud advisory services and divided them into categories to ensure a fit for every kind of situation.

Organizational Assessment

Evaluate if the organization is ready to embrace and manage cloud based service delivery models without any significant disruptions

Service Delivery Assessment

Measure the ability of your internal and external service delivery and determine if it is beneficial from a new service channel based on cloud.

Technology Assessment

Gauge the infrastructure and application range to determine Partial or Full cloud migration.

Compliance & Security Assessment

Assess the compliance and security requirements fits specific to your business

Risk Assessment

Assess the risks of various cloud service delivery options and advise on mitigating

Technology Options

Analyse cloud offerings from various vendors and propose a best solution based on requirements, technology standards and cost of ownership.

Cloud Migration Roadmap

List out options for migrating infrastructure and application components to cloud and extend help with adoption of the chosen cloud technology administer the transformed service and delivery model effectively.