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Improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hiring strategies

Improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hiring strategies

Diversity is an integral aspect of the society we live in today. Our cities are metropolitan, our food is continental, and our value systems are a hybrid realization of old and new, oriental and western.

Diversity plays an equally important role in the workplace. As per a 2015 report by McKinsey, diversity in an organization lead to increased production, as the top performing companies in the study were also the most diverse.

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Sourcing & Managing External Tech Talent

Demand for tech talent is increasing at an unprecedented rate. World over, companies big and small are facing a talent crunch and are leaning on Staffing Agencies to bridge the gap. To manage their fulltime employee headcount, many companies prefer not to have every recruit on their pay roll. These employees must still be managed and nurtured but companies fail to do so.

Very few companies have a talent management strategy for external or outsourced tech talent. In this article, we look at why companies must have an external talent management strategy in place.


India is currently ranked as the 13th largest market in the staffing industry and is poised to be the 6th largest market by 2025. The IT sector is arguably the largest within the Indian Staffing industry and will continue to be a significant contributor to the predicted growth.

This is the time for business owners and key leadership personnel to think strategy. Here are some key elements to think about:

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Cultivating Workplace Diversity – The Key to Building Winning Workforces

Innovation is driven by the core of ideas. Ideas are born out of varied minds that think, breathe, eat and act innovation. To ensure a sustainable and profitable speed for innovation, it’s imperative to have a diverse and rich talent pool.

There may be no better way for your organisation to live the values of a people-first mindset than through a dedication to diversity inclusion.

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Being Social – An Imperative Requisite for today’s CEOs

It is no longer enough for a CEO to sit in the corner office with a spectacular view, fulfilling his/her responsibilities interacting only with the immediate team with no social interaction. Analyzing from the current happenings, social savvy CEOs have a competitive advantage as they stay wired for business judgments, build trusted communities and importantly boost overall brand building for the organization than their non-social counterparts.

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