Managed Services

The Capability of crafting your Business Needs

"At Affluent, we design apps that power the Cross Platform OS (Android, iOS, Windows), devices (Mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops) and Internet of Things (IoT)."

Initialization and Setup

The digital today is changing rapidly. Increased demands to manage the IT complexity, reduce costs and meeting business requirements are high. Our Managed Services helps you manage/optimize your traditional IT environment and rapidly adopt new technologies and shift to the cloud.

Here is how Affluent can effectively manage your digital world to achieve best business results:

  • Risk and configuration assessment
  • Risk mitigation and reconfiguration
  • Set policies and policy control (SIAM, retention, storage, DR, site collections.)
  • Optimize Azure and VM usage

We ensure your cloud environment has been configured correctly to suit the needs of your business. Our experts make an assessment of the risk factors associated with incorrect or ineffective configurations, if we encounter any issues, we will reconfigure as needed, mitigating your risk profile.

Once assessed the cloud environment, we set policies and control for items such as: SIAM, retention, storage, disaster recovery, site collections, and more.

To ensure that your cloud environment is geared for success and overcome any issues in future, we closely monitor how the business leverages Azure and the VMs running on ‘Azure IaaS’ to ensure that your VMs are functioning optimally.


Our support and services not only focus around end user support. We offer administrative layer that is essential to maintain secured access and clean data, ensuring your help desk can respond to user issues and continuously monitor the cloud environment closely to safeguard against future problems.

To ensure smooth flow of the services, we maintain:

  • 24*7/365 Customer Support
  • Daily system health monitoring and management
  • Proactive [100] point monitoring and response
  • SIAM: Security, Access, and Identity Management

In the midst of business-growing initiatives, routine yet vital task of daily admin for your cloud ERP solution can easily lose the way in the shuffle. Affluent helps you take this tedious task off your routine to keep your business running smoothly.

This includes a [100] point monitoring and response protocol along with administrative tasks for SIAM (security, access, and identity management).

With this level of administration, you receive a solution that protects your systems from potential threats and delivers a level of service which will keep your workers productive.

Reconfiguration and Upgrade management

Affluent puts proven results of business excellence and innovation to work and we’re focused on you.

We focus on business solutions rather than just IT solutions – best practices, proven approaches and thoughtful innovation to help you upscale your organization further. Your challenges are our opportunities to put thoughtful solutions in place that help you solve problems, save time and maximize resources.

Key services in Reconfiguration and upgrade management:

  • Configuration Management that serves specific business needs
  • Update/patch management
  • Performance tuning

With reconfiguration and update management services, we ensure that your cloud environment is functionally optimized and is being continuously updated in order to stay completely modern.

This includes responsive configuration tuning, update/patch management and performance tuning.

Application Management

The increasing complexities of the business environment has redefined the concept of Application Management Services. These days, AMS is expected to deliver value far beyond support, enabling business transformation through enhanced speed, efficiency, continuous visibility and monitoring of operations.

A holistic Application portfolio, we offer flexible, scalable, adaptive and customized services to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’s IT environment.

With application management, we make sure that your apps are operating optimally and integrated seamlessly into your current systems. We also fix errors associated with your applications a monitor them closely to ensure that you do not experience performance issues in the future.

Now your applications can stay up-to-date with optimum performance.

  • Daily application and health monitoring
  • Integration support and remediation
  • Restoration of application performance and display

Data Administration

We completely understand the challenges faced by companies these days to keep up their enterprise systems up-to-date and running efficiently while focusing on business growth.

Constant changing technologies, shortage in resources, and massive amounts of data to streamline. Data plays a key role in any business and vast amounts of data poses a real challenge to database managers.

So what best options are there to overcome them?

Cloud-based database management provides companies with database expertise when needed.

Our data administration services ensure that your data compliance, sovereignty, and security administration policies are set and functioning based on the standards set by your company or industry.

With Cloud Managed Services you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe, compliant, and available to the parties that need it.

Storage , Backup , Recovery

Affluent offers backup-and-recovery capabilities to retain your business data safe and available: On premise, Remote offices/access and in the cloud.

Now acquire online backup solutions that uses high performance server and backup software applications. Enabling disk based data protection and recovery for servers and workstations running on Windows /Linux operating systems, in a virtual or a physical environment.

With ' storage, backup, and recovery services, we design and establish plans, set policies, administer and test recovery sites just to ensure there is no outage. Partnering with us, you can rest knowing there is always a strategy in place to protect your business.

Modern backup infrastructure: Planning, policy, administration, and testing

We Deploy best of the class backup technologies designed for your current and future IT requirements, from updating to rebuilding your existing backup and-recovery infrastructure with:

  • High-performance, array-based backup and recovery
  • Cloud-integrated backup-recovery appliances and data services
  • High-density disk storage for enterprise backup
  • Small-footprint, low-overhead remote office/branch office solutions

Issue Management

In today’s business world, organizations are facing with multiple issues arising from risk management, compliance, audits, and other processes.

To track and manage these issues, enterprises relay on manual, spreadsheet-based tools. This approach often consumes time, effort, and resources. It limits enterprise wide visibility into issues, and slows down the decision-making process.

To support compliance and risk management, it is high time for organizations to manage issues in a systematic, organized and simple manner.

Affluent offers Tier 2 proactive and reactive issue identification, triage, remediation, response, and reports.

With our issue management services, you receive tier 2 proactive and reactive issue identification, triage, remediation, response, and reporting based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards for Service Operation. This includes Identity, Incident, Problem, and Event Management and Request Fulfillment.

Key focus of Issue Management

  • Identity Management – Grants authorized users the rights to use a service
  • Incident Management – Restores normal service operations if issues occur
  • Problem Management – Resolves the root causes of incidents and prevents reoccurrence
  • Request Fulfillment – Fulfills Service Requests – changes or requests for information
  • Event Management – Logs activities and incidents that have occurred

Catastrophe Planning & Management

Information Technology disruptions are certain and they can arise from various sources. I could be technology failure, human error, a weather event, there’s no way to prevent it completely.

It isn’t necessary that failures come with data loss and downtime, this is why disaster recovery planning and management is extremely critical for every organization.

Our approach

  • Strategic plan
  • Tactical implementation protocols
  • periodic testing

With Cloud Managed Services' catastrophe planning and management services we deliver strategic recovery plans, tactical implementation protocols, and periodic testing of the site recovery environment to ensure that if you ever suffer an outage, your business will not be at risk.